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Vegas 2 Day INTENSE Bootcamp! With Lilly Walters & Cameron Ashley

Monday & Tuesday, June 15 & 16, 2020, $130 per day, or $200 for two full days!


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Skeletons, Day of the Dead & Easy Gore Designs!day of the dead face painting class

We start with how to do easy skeletons, then go into how to do the elaborate, and the FAST Dia de los Muertos designs all year long.

PLUS, demday of the dead face painting class workshopo of easy GORE and WOUNDS

INCLUDES 60 page, full color eBook!

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Check back for 2020 $99, Corona, SoCal.10 AM - 2:30 PM

Bring a sack lunch, or chip in for pizza!

This will be held at the home of Yuni Racer, in Corona, Riverside County, SoCal

$99 total: Pay $19, non-refundable deposit, to hold your spot!
$80 due at door in cash or check

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Fun, Fab, and Fast, Flowers and Split Cake Mastery!
face painting class

Learn how to use those SPLIT CAKES!!!
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Butterflies and Fairy Faces!face painting class

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day of the dead face painting classBoys Designs!
Plus Superheroes and Villains

Designs for boys and girls

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face painting classPretty Princess and Bejeweled Faces!
From Fast to Fabulous Designs!

Learn how to use jewels, and create your own gem clusters!

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Full, Fast, Fantastic 2 Minute (and Under!) Designsface painting class

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face painting classCats and Dogs Designs!

From quick speedy designs, to the elaborate!

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face painting classPrivate Coaching and Consulting with Lilly

$200 per hour

face painting classCan't come to the classes?

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face painting classClasses are 3-4 hours and $60 each

Most classes are scheduled
two per day. Take two and SAVE

Intro to Pro-Face Painting
Tools, Tips, Tricks
face painting class

A 3 hour new look at the tools, tricks and skills used by high quality professional face painters. The most popular faces, with the flair of an advanced painter. This has amazing benefits for those who wish to understand the world of professional face painting and brings those already being paid to paint to a new level.
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SoCal, Montclair 1 PM - 4 PM,

Intro Class only, 1 - 4 PM

total $60:
$60 total: Pay $10, non-refundable deposit, to hold your spot!

OR!! Intro Class, plus advanced class that evening (see more below), PLUS the Intro full color eBook will be emailed to you today
both total of $99
$99 total: Pay $19, non-refundable deposit, to hold your spot!

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Contact 909-815-8535

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