Introduction: Professional Face Painters Tools, Tips and Tricks
Face Painting Class

Personalized training for 3 hours in a small class setting with Lilly Walters. An introduction to the skills and tools that set a truly professional face painter apart from the beginner. Fast and easy faces, with the flair of an advanced painter. Get ready to jump - brushes first - into the world of professional face painting.

What To Expect

A good balance of demos, lecture and a great deal of hands on practice. You will practice on paper practice sheets (which Lilly will provide), your arms, and the arms of fellow students.

After the class, we will stay for hours to practice and watch other professional painters from the area.

A 10 page workbook is included in your registration, to enhance the learning experience, with specific drills and exercises.

What You Will Learn

  • Learn to Create Many Popular Designs: Butterfly; Flowers, Princess; Tigers and Cats; and much more!
  • Getting Started With Professional Level Skills, Techniques and Tools
  • Professional Set-up in 3 Minutes
  • Speed Painting TipsLearn Face Painting Private Coaching and Training
  • Using Glitters Safely and With Amazing Effects
  • Sanitary Safety Musts
  • Beautiful Brush Strokes
  • Blending
  • Essentials Elements for the Best Fantastic Designs
  • Using Face Paints and Powders With Professional Level Skills
  • Introduction to Multi-Colored Cakes and flat brushes for single stroke fast multi-colored leaves, daisies and teardrops
  • Several Demos of Professional Level Face Painting

Who Should Attend:

Those who want to learn face painting skills, to be the hit of the party with their friends and family. AND, those who want to learn about the world of professional face painting.

COSTS: $60, if you register at least 5 days prior to the class

$25 for returning student refresher.

No children under 14.
If you bring a child from 15-18 years old, they must be accompanied by a full paying guardian.

No guests are allowed. Only paid participants.


Materials to Bring

  • 3 #2 rounds brushes
  • 1 flat brush
  • One set of high quality face paints, with at least 4 primary colors, Black and White
  • 1 Split/Rainbow Cake
  • 3 Face Painting Sponges
  • Water container with 3 - 6 separate tubs (plastic popsicle makers work well for this)
  • LARGE package of baby wipes
  • 15 sheets of paper, a pencil or pen to take notes.
  • Highly suggested you buy, Lilly Walters Book, A Professional Face Painters Tools and Tricks, with more than 150 color photos and illustrations, this is included, along with other books, if you buy the Masters Package

Although you can bring any brand, purchased from any supplier, I have a supplier at my class who will have the things I love to create with there for sale. You can contact her ahead of time to make sure she will have what you need, or to purchase a special starter package, a more advanced set of materials, or individual items:
contact Blanca Laba, six two six 421 5111,
She has three kits for you, a deluxe and advanced kit, up to 20 percent off of retail!


12:15 pm -non-hosted lunch at the venue (MANDATORY that you purchase a meal), and shop with our supplier if desired. (see schedule for locations)

1 pm SHARP - be ready with water container full, paints opened, and brushes at the ready! —

Lilly is very punctual and will not waste a minute of your time!
In fact, if everyone comes EARLY, we will start early and get in EXTRA class time!!

4 pm - Conclusion of class

5 pm —- 8:30 pm 2nd class, additional charge, see FACE PAINTING CLASSES
Advanced Face Painting Class


See the class list, and the email that will be sent to you IMMEDIATELY upon payment. But, the classes are usually held in Claremont, or Montclair. Plenty of free parking.

MORE INFO: For more on the class, call Lilly
cell Nine O 9-EIGHT- l -FIVE 8535

Sign Up and Dates

See special book offer - ONLY for those attending my classes

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