Intermediate 4 Hour Class

Flowers Face Painting Designs and Mastering One-Stroke and Petal Pots


  • Using and Creating One Stroke split and rainbow cakes
  • Pouncer flowers
  • Leaves, vines, split cake roses, filler flowers, tribal roses, daisies, sunflowers, panies, clovers,
  • How to lay a design out to compliment the face
  • Speed tricks to help you fly through a large event
Advanced Face Painting Class

Advanced Face Painting ClassWHAT TO EXPECT:

We will start with 20 minutes of ADVANCED brush stroke warm-ups, to bring you to a much higher level. We spend the rest of the time working on designs which you will actually paint yourself. You will practice on paper practice sheets (which Lilly will provide), your arms and the arms of fellow students. We balance our 4 hours with observing Lilly's speed designs and techniques and lots of hands on practice. After the class, we will stay for hours to practice. You will have a several page workbook provided as part of your class package. You must buy a meal at the restaurant.


Those who have already attended Lilly Walters' Intro to Professional Face Painting, AND those who are already at a level for which you are being paid to do face painting.


$60 for Pre-Registration (more than 5 days before the class, $75 after)
$25 for a refresher.

MATERIALS TO BRING:Advanced Face Painting Class

  • A good selection of high quality face paints ,
  • 2 Split Cakes
  • 2 colorful Starblends pressed powders
  • Brushes: Flats, rounds, and a small detailing brushes
  • Smoothies blenders
  • A variety of sizes of pouncers and daubers
  • Water Container
  • Misting spray bottle.

Blanca Laba is the vendor at my events. She has all the products you will need for my class. Also, she can order things ahead for you, if you contact her in time. Contact her at 626-421-5111,

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4:15 PM -non-hosted lunch at the venue, and shop with our supplier if desired. (see schedule for locations)

5 PM SHARP - be ready with water container full, paints opened, and brushes at the ready! —

Lilly is very punctual and will not waste a minute of your time!
In fact, if everyone comes EARLY, we will start early and get in EXTRA class time!!

9 PM - Conclusion of class


The banquet room Casa Jimeniz, in Claremont, on Foothill, in the Sprouts Shopping Center

MORE INFO: For more on the class, call Lilly

No guests are allowed. Only paid participants.